Why choose Troll Hundeskole?

A sound balance between play and learning is a central aim for us at Troll hundeskole. Both dog and owner shall enjoy training towards the set aims. It is of importance to us that owner and dog experience the classes as enriching, and we appreciate any feedback from our clients.
Methods based on force or punishment are never used. On the contrary, the training is based on dogs’ natural behaviour and mutual communication between dog and owner.
All our classes provides small groups, usually 4-6 participants. At winter time maybe even smaller to allow comfortable indoor training. We have a heated indoor location where training and resting for dogs and owners can take place.
Some classes take place in and around the training center, although some times we walk out into the forest.
I addition to classes in Kongsberg/Svene, I travel around giving courses locally and world-wide. Participants span from “ordinary” dog owners, representatives from dog schools or organizations, like search & rescue teams, police, security, dog school instructors etc.
Curious? Do not hesitate to take contact for more information.
Welcome to Troll hundeskole and Anne Lill Kvam