Tracking – retrieving and fetch

Every single dog loves to explore using their senses, sniffing things and having a good time. And they like to cooperate with you. Therefore, they will flourish completely when you prepare tasks where he cand find things you have hidden or “lost”. Search games. There are so many to choose from, indoors and outdoors, which will stimulate your dog, you can have so much fun in the family playing games that makes your dog happy and content, and harmonically tired. From nature dogs are equipped to search for things: food, friends, toys etc, they simply love it. And the great pleasure of playing together with your dog and friends and family. They love doing things together, in a team with us, aren’t we lucky?!

You can teach search games to you and your dog using my book The dogs’ fabulous olfactory sense. And to get skilled and kind guidance, please contact us for private lessons or attend one of the occasional weekend classes.

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