Having a new puppy arriving in your family, it is smart to learn (or refresh) whatever is new knowledge. Even if you are an experienced dog owner, you will see that new science provides new and better knowledge around raising and training a dog. What we learnt at puppy class 10 years ago may be outdated today.

Everything needs to be learned: rules around peeing, sleeping habits and behaviour, walking nicely on leash, which objects are chewing toys and which are  not, – all this you will learn better in calm environment without too much disturbance or stressful things.
Because of all this, I recommend Private Puppy Lesson rather than a group class.

After your Puppy Lesson, you may be invited to join a group of puppies or even appropriate adults, that can fit nicely with your dog, for further socialisation, walks and  maybe some training. Sometimes with teacher present, other times on your own, as you like it.

The basic Puppy Lesson is 1.5 hours, and cost NOK 1280

After this, you order lessons by the hour as much as you like, for NOK 490 pr 30 minutes (NOK 980 pr hour)