Private lessons

Over the years, I have experienet that both dogs and owners learn better when not attending a class or course, but rather go to their own private lessons with only you or your family present together with the teacher.

This is why I rather offer private lessons to you and your dog, in stead of traditional classes.

You and your dog will have your personal Couch!  From the very beginning with your first Puppy Lesson to get the basics, until regular lessons on various, chosen topics.

You brought this dog into your family to increase life quality for yourself and your family. And hopefully also for the dog. And to accomplish this, you will need some knowledge on how to raise, and even better: getting ideas for inspirational and stimulating and fun things to do together.  And over time, even more help and inspiration to get further on adding to yours and your dog’s experience.

If you are interested in private lessons, please contact me on the form below.