Welcome dog friend!

– To Troll dog school, Anne Lill Kvam.

We are situated near Kongsberg Norway, and offer courses world wide, on demand. Or online as has been the fashion the previous two years.

We are offering knowledge and joy to dogs and owners, to your liking and on demand.

Anne Lill Kvam is the responsible teacher, and she has helped and educated dogs and owners in Norway and the rest of the world for more than 25 years.

Whatever we do with dogs (and owners!), it is always safely funded on scientifically proven knowledge and respect for dogs’ natural behaviour, instincts, language (Calming Signals), and emotions. Punishment and yelling are banned: to be trained and to train must be a pleasure for both dogs and owners. We reach the set aims through cooperation with our dogs, and with each other.

You and your dog will be an even better and connected team after attending one of our classes or private lessons, whether you choose a short or a long lasting one.

Feel free to contact med on telephone: +47 913 67 317