Socializing groups

It is of invaluable importance for dogs of allsizes and ages to have social contact with others, and particularly with dogs. They need to learn about politeness, develop their language and not to forget: having a good time with you on a walk with other dogs.

This is not a course where you learn obedience or certain skills, but rather to obtain life skills. The better socialized a dog is, the better will he cope with all sorts of challenges he might come across in the world.

The most important in a socialisation group is to learn how to cope with people and dogs in a polite and safe way.

In the socialisation group we will normally walk in a chosen quiet place with very little traffic. In the beginning all the dogs are on leash, until we see how they cope and like each other.
when we see that they get along with each other,  and are sufficiently polite, we may consider letting them off leash together, although this is not the most important.  

As the dogs get along and learns to cope with “easy” environments, we can visit other relevant environments to teach dogs to cope and even enjoy.

After attending private lessons or classes with us, your dog may be assigned into a suitable group with other dogs. The sosialisataion group meets once a week. You buy a 3-months membership, for which you pay NOK 2,500.

Enroll to a social group here.