Miscreant dogs

In any age, dogs’ behaviour and welfare may need special care and attention. Differences not only in breeds but in dogs’ personalities may cause that your knowledge no longer suffices.

Some dogs encounter traumatic incidents with other dogs, humans or environment, they become fearful, aggressive or uncontrollable as a result. Sometimes you don’t even know what happened, but you see that your dog needs some help.

Typical challenges to seek help for, can be:

  • Aggression
  • Pulling the leash
  • Doesn’t come when called
  • Cannot be home alone
  • Fearfulness
  • Too much barking
  • Chasing joggers, bicycles, kids, kick bikes etc
  • Lunging out on dogs or people you meet on the walks
  • And lots of other things as well

The help you need is close, and the sooner you take action to improve, the better and faster results.
Call before you are close to despair!

Private lessons will be your best choice in this situation. Two to five hours will suffice for most people. Although many people like to engage a Dog Coach for a longer period of time, to reach new and wider goals after the initial challenges are solved.

  • Private lessons NOK 980 per hour
  • Weekend/evening price NOK 1,470 per hour
  • Puppy lesson (1,5 hour) NOK 1,280 per hour