Adolescent dogs

This period starts once puppyhood is over, around 4,5 – 5 months old, and lasts until adulthood, normally around two years old. Your puppy will go through several challenging periods of physical growth and mental development, so that he can become a socially well behaved and fully functioning, harmonic and fantastic adult dog. It is typical for youngsters to be drama queens, lunging and reactive in periods during this time. Most of this is totally normal, but can be challenging to cope with. And if your dog receives the wrong feedback on his wild behaviours, the danger is that this behaviour may become worse rather than better over time.
Luckily, you will also find quiet periods where your adolescent dog is cuddly, soft and lovely.

I recommend ordering a private lesson or two when you feel you would like some assistance. After this, I may offer to put you together in suitable small groups to train, based on what we agree on in your lessons.