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All of us having a dog enjoy doing things together with our pet. Sometimes simply a walk in the streets or nature, other times playing games that may as well engage the entire family. Some like to compete in one of the numerous dog sports available.   

Some like to compete in one of the numerous dog sports available.
Some are the outdoor type spending lots of time in nature, whilst others are more urban types. 

There will be useful games to play with your dogs, no matter where you want to do it: in the mountain, on the beach, in the forest, in a garden, parking lot, in your living room, a park. Anywhere simply!

All the work we do with dogs, will reflect dogs’ natural language. You will learn to understand and speak dog better, and consequently your dog will learn to trust you better. Thus, the relation between you and your will strengthen. 

Based on what I learned and experienced about dogs during the years, I have enriched all my private lessons or courses with smaller og larger elements of search games. Whether your dog is a puppy, adolescent, obnoxious, old, injured or ill, there will be a sniffer game that will benefit. Also at IDTE (International Dog Trainer Education) you will find that several sniffer games are part of the practice and teaching.

Here you get an overview of what we can do for you and your dog, here at Troll dog school, Anne Lill Kvam:

(And if you miss something, please write us and suggest, maybe we can make it.)

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