International Dog Trainer Education.

This is the education where I share what I learned during a long and rich dog life. All the best, at least. And this education is continuously developing year by year, as new knowledge becomes available. There is so much more research done on dogs and their behaviour and welfare nowadays compared to only 15 years ago.

In IDTE you will learn about a lot of things, from raising puppies, searching for people, why dogs become aggressive, how to give your own classes, and not least: what to do when a dog’s behaviour doesn’t fit in.

The course is based on the legacy from Turid Rugaas, and the responsible teacher is Anne Lill Kvam. Every teacher you will meat will have the same background or the same philosophy and the same ethical and professional standard.

Students in Italy

Numerous dogs and owners all over the world have taken advantage of valuable knowledge they achieve on this long lasting course.

Small break at the foot of the Alps

Graduates have started holiday farms or dog hotels, doggy daycare, their own dog school, dog walking business and what have you. Veterinarians and vet nurses have taken this course to widen their knowledge on dogs’ behaviour. Some get a job in  already established dog schools, dog hotels or similar, whilst others simply enjoy becoming a very well educated dog owner.

IDTE is based on live gatherings where some of the participants are bringing their dogs, and we are all learning and practicing, supporting each other.

Whenever needed, you will be invited to a video conference, for example when a topic needs closer attention, if the pandemic raises again or some other reasons.

Who can attend?
IDTE is open for anyone over 21 years of age with the drive to learn about dogs’ behaviour and how they learn. You don’t need any particular previous knowledge. We start from the basics by learning how to understand dogs the best possible way – what is he doing now? Why is he doing this? And, sadly, sometimes: how can I get him to stop doing that?

When does it start?
Our starting date in Norway is November every year. Take contact to find the exact date.

DTE Students in Taiwan

Where is it?
We are located right outside Kongsberg. For the Norwegian course that is. On demand, I give this course world wide, so it might very well be in your own country.

How long does it last?
IDTE lasts around 1.5 years. Once completed and passed, you get your certificate proving that you have now become a Dog Trainer*.
IDTE will have meetings roughly every 6th-8th week, 10 weekends altogether. In some countries it will be different, due to long travels.
In all versions of this education, you will find that we are doing valuable hands on working with dogs.

What does it cost?
for Norway in 2022, the course fee is NOK 34 700, which includes the teaching, including any guest lecturers, some eaching materials, and in most places also includes tea and coffee. Books, travel and accommodation comes on top.
In other countries, the host will have this information.

IDTE in China celebrate final exam

What effort is expected from you?
Between each meeting there will always be some home work. Some of which fits in with the walks you already will do, whereas others things needs to be done more specifically. Some homework is to be handed in in writhing, some to be displayed as skilled achieved. Those living far away can show their skills on video. Some books to be read, some little studies to be made, and a major task or project work to be made and presented at the end of the course.
The work load is not easy to tell, as some read faster, something you do on the regular walks, etc. But it is meant to be good to complete these studies asides a job or other education, which many former students have managed.

What’s in it for you?
first of all you get  a good piece of good knowledge, theoretically and practically. Your certificate of achievement may open doors for you internationally, or at home.
Norway doesn’t have any official test or approvement for dog trainers, and no formal title. Some countries have regulations, which we need to look up in each case.
What you certainly will achieve, is sufficient knowledge to be accepted as Full member of PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe), after standing the mandatory period as associate  member. 
You will be part of an international and a national network of dog people with the same ethical standard and a lot of various knowledge and specialties. Over the years, many have taken this education in Norway and lots of other countries. And they have the same interests, and we are exchanging knowledge, experiences, we are referring students, we meet, when we can and need to.

What will you learn?
You will learn about the origin of dogs, and why this is important for the modern dogs of today. Why breed is important, and what about all the new designed breeds?
Dogs language – the Calming signals, and a lot more
Aggression: what it is, what we can do, why it occurs, etc
Techniques, theory and tools to handle and train cases of severe behavour problems.
What is shaping? Clicker training, learning theory, dogs nervous system, their brain and senses, and not to forget: about ethical training.
You will learn why health and nutrition is so important.
How to look at a dog to see if he is joyful, in pain, etc.
How to give good classes,
And many other things

For the full curriculum and more info, click here.